Angelina’s sensual session.

The experience was excellent over all. I had a lot of fun and felt very comfortable during the session. Mark handled himself in a very professional manner and I felt in control during the session. – Angelina.

Thanks Angelina :-).

One of the first things I discuss with someone who is considering a sensual session is just who is in control. My response has always been the same – they are. They control what we shoot, where we shoot, when we shoot and what happens to the images after the shoot. They control everything.


Another thing we discuss at the beginning is just how far do we want to go with this. How much do you want to show, what are the areas of concern, et cetera. I state right off the bat that I always work within their comfort zone. We establish what that is at the onset and I don’t cross it. It establishes boundaries that we don’t have to worry about again.

I fully expect them to voice ideas as they are an equal partners in these ventures when it comes to that. I don’t proclaim to know everything and there are things that they might want to try or have an interest in. Tell me and let’s talk about it. I’m always willing to give it a spin and see where it goes.

Angelina’s session is no exception. We discussed the session well in advance so she came prepared and knew what to expect. She was amazing to work with and the images show it. We moved effortlessly from set-up to set-up with her getting more and more comfortable as we progressed. At the end she was totally in her element and was a powerful, confident presence.

That’s the kind of person I love to work with. That’s the kind of person you will be when we work together.

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