Diana’s session

Really good boudoir is so much more than someone laying around in their underwear. Boudoir, for me at least, is best when the person loses themselves in the moment. She is in her inner sanctum where she can remove her mental armor and relax. She can let her guard down and enjoy the sensations.

She can be a woman – not the boss, not mom, not an employee, not a sister, and all the other hats today’s women wear. In today’s rushed, non-stop, deadline based world, sometimes we forget that we are human and have human desires. One of those desires is the ability to feel good about ourselves – to enjoy our sensuality. To feel desirable and desired.


During a conversation with Diana recently about what was new I told her about the new direction I was taking with my boudoir work. The summer season was pretty much over for the year, I told her, and was revamping things for boudoir season. She voiced a desire to try it out. As we’ve worked together before, and I was impressed with her abilities and professionalism, I readily agreed.

I’ll let Diane take over.

“I had the most incredible and peaceful experience. A human has different faces depending on the moment and the situation and in that precise moment and in a very intimate way one of mine came out to be seen. My mind was completely transported. Mark make it so comfortable. When I saw the images, it was a wow moment – my aha moment.”

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