Chrissy’s session

My first time with the new look.

A little while ago Chrissy contacted me as she was going to be in town soon and wanted to do a session. We had worked together a few years ago and hit it off really well. As usual, life stepped in and, while we never totally lost touch with each other, contact was reduced to a few messages from time to time on social media. So, it was a real pleasant surprise when she said she wanted to get together again for another round.

She’s an open spirit – she’s willing to explore new ideas and willing to try most everything. This made her ideal for my first foray into this new, lighter look for my boudoir side. More importantly, as we had already worked together once, we already had a strong bond of trust which is essential to these kinds of images.

She came prepared and, after a welcoming hug, we went to work.


One of the biggest benefits to the new style is the freedom from adjusting so much gear to get the shot. By shooting natural light alone I am able to move around more freely and explore new angles. It is also a huge time saver which means we’re able to capture a lot more images during a session as I’m not constantly moving things around, changing settings, et cetera. All Chrissy had to do was lounge while I worked.

The soft light wrapped around her and her features nicely which brought out her natural beauty. We kept things simple all the way around, including make-up. I really wanted to bring her essence out front. A few simple posing suggestions was all she needed to get into the mood. Within minutes she was relaxed and we were getting really great captures.

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